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Kidney Foundation of Canada (BC & Yukon)

Redbird has worked with the Kidney Foundation of Canada (BC & Yukon) since 2013.

The Volunteer Engagement campaign began with focus groups in 10 communities across the province to find out what attracts, or discourages volunteers. After additional secondary research, we crafted a 40-point strategic plan to recruit and retain more volunteers in the coming years.

We assisted with 12 Community Conversations across BC, gathering intelligence about organ donation and transplantation in preparation for a public media campaign.

In 2019 we created a landing page for kidneydiagnosis.ca and implemented a search engine marketing campaign.

Heart & Stroke

Redbird has worked with the Heart and Stroke Foundation (BC & Yukon) since 2010.

We developed a multimedia awareness campaign about the warning signs of stroke that generated 75,000 unique visits to the website in the first two years of the campaign.

After phase one of the campaign, the percentage of BC residents who recognized the urgency of calling 9-1-1 had jumped from 62% to 71%.

We produced an animated video to stop the marketing of junk food to children.

We have worked on their behalf to reduce hypertension in BC’s South Asian community, and filmed three culturally appropriate TV commercials to help raise awareness.

In 2019 we adapted national stroke creative for English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Punjabi audiences in British Columbia.

Immune System Management

Redbird has worked with ISM since 2010.

ISM creates customized amino acid supplements to help people with serious illness or compromised immune systems, but their own brand was in poor health. 

We gave them a marketing plan, a new logo, print collateral and labels for their customized amino acid supplements, in addition to a brochure and electronic newsletters. Their new offices in Ottawa will be matched by a new website in the months to come.

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