About Redbird

Redbird Communications is a socially conscious marketing communications agency based in Victoria, British Columbia. Founded in March 2001 by Carol Vincent, we help our clients create healthier people, by raising awareness and changing behaviour.

Carol began her career as a managing editor for the Canadian Hospital Association, Judo Canada, the Canadian Track and Field Association, and the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. (Yes, she jumped, 744 times.) She was writer/producer at a major Vancouver advertising agency and creative director at two Vancouver Island agencies before founding Redbird Communications.

Carol has a B.A. in psychology, and has completed studies in research methodology, statistics, health care management, and advanced community-based social marketing. She is a stickler for the strategic underpinnings of creative campaigns, but loves a big idea above all. She has won numerous awards for TV, radio, and print advertising, and is a skilled writer, facilitator and public speaker.

The rest of the Redbirds are long-standing and trusted independent contractors in design, web development, videography, and digital media. Together we work for clients in British Columbia and beyond.