Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon

Redbird has supported the HSF in several campaigns over the past few years, including a multimedia awareness campaign about the warning signs of stroke that generated 75,000 unique visits to the website in the first two years of the campaign. After phase one of the campaign, the percentage of BC residents who recognized the urgency of calling 9-1-1 had jumped from 62% to 71%.

We have worked on their behalf to reduce hypertension in BC’s South Asian community, facilitating a behaviour change workshop with community representatives, and identifying benefits and barriers to healthy lifestyles. We filmed three culturally appropriate TV commercials to raise awareness, and launched a website and interactive game that will encourage lifestyle choices that reduce the risk of hypertension. This fall we’ll launch a video contest among high school students to further spread the message.

Also for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Redbird developed and implemented a lunch-hour walking pilot program for a downtown Vancouver business district. The HSF’s goal was to recruit 30 people; Redbird successfully attracted 76 regular participants.

Redbird is currently working with HSF on a campaign to stop the marketing of junk food to children.