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Alberni Valley Tourism awards $3000 in instant cash prizes

Working with the Alberni Valley Tourism Council, Redbird has identified and promoted the 'Seven Wonders of the Alberni Valley'. This month we sent teams of mystery tourists to the valley to raise awareness among locals about their top attractions. Instant cash prizes of $10 per wonder were awarded to residents who were stopped on the street and asked to name them. The promotion is generating very high awareness: on our first visit on July 30th, 50% of respondents could name four or more wonders, and on our second visit August 6th, 73% of respondents could name four or more.

Disco dad!

Jim Poole disco boogie

There's nothing Jim Poole won't do for his daughters, including representing the 70s at their recent dance recital. Way to boogie, Jim!

Patrick's thoughts on newsletters

Newsletters: panacea or just a pain?

I worked for a company that suddenly started giving everyone a internal newsletter every month. You could tell when it hit the desks, even with your eyes shut, from the chorus of groans, followed a couple of minutes later by the ping of a crumpled ball of paper hitting a wastebasket.

Power To Be treats Redbirds to an outdoor experience

Power to Be Kayaking with Redbird

Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society took seven Redbirds (and fledglings) on a kayaking expedition to thank us for some pro bono work we've done over the past few years. Pink cheeks, sore shoulders, and big smiles = an excellent adventure of our own!

The difference professional art direction can make

Chef before
Chef after

Here's the difference professional art direction can make. Same chef, shot by the same photographer; but when the first shots didn't live up to expectations, the client called on Redbird. Our assistance lets photographers concentrate on technique, while we take care of the people, props, and personality.

How to make an impact with cheap and tasty ads

For a new business, the purpose of advertising is to let clients or customers know you exist, and to tell them what you are offering (see ‘Promise me anything’, The Bird’s Eye View #2). For an established business, there are other reasons to advertise: to grow and expand, to drive traffic to your website, to even out seasonal fluctuations in work load and cash flow, to nurture long-term prospects, to make your sales rep’s job easier, and to attract good employees and suppliers. But advertising can be expensive if you don’t do it right.

Promise me anything, but keep that promise

The first step in building a strong brand for your business is deciding on your brand promise: what is it, exactly, that you are promising your customers?

How to brand your business and why you must!

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve heard and read a lot about branding. But how does it apply to your business?