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Small Feet Inc, a local consultancy, helps Suzuki celebrate

Small Feet Inc

Redbird's new client Small Feet Inc, a local sustainability consultancy, was recently hired by the David Suzuki Foundation in order to help the organization reduce the environmental impact of their 20th anniversary celebration in Toronto.

You can read the whole story in Douglas Magazine's latest issue.

Redbirds fly through Power to Play

Gary and Carol participate in Power to Play

Gary Linford and Carol Vincent participated in Power to Play -- a grueling adventure race designed by Redbirds pro bono client and one of the producers of Survivor. It was about 15 km of running between 22 stations; challenges included flipping a tractor tire up a hill, carrying sandbags, orienteering, scaling A-frames, crawling, hitting baseballs, kicking soccer balls, hand-over-hand on a rope strung between two trees, and surviving the mud pit -- twice. Yikes.

Blutus, the "Gwadiator of Wuv"

marketing-minded Mike Kelley

StageWest Players must be doing something right in the advertising department. Their recent show 'Die Claudius' was sold out! Or could it have had something to do with Mike Kelley's performance? Formerly the marketing-minded director of OneStop Business Registry, Mike brought the house down as Blutus, the "Gwadiator of Wuv". Look for ads for 'Howl', coming this fall.

Perhaps we need a branch office...?

East Redbird and Redbird Rd. Arizona

Last month I spent a few days in Arizona, and was tickled to find myself at the junction of East Redbird and Redbird Rd. Perhaps we need a branch office...?

Enemy, by Hollydene.

Here is a rough demo of 'Enemy', a new song from Matt Johnson's trio, Hollydene. Together since 2005, the band's music is influenced by several genres, incorporating elements of rock, pop, and new-wave.

Check them out at:

Nov 22, 2008 9:00 PM - Pacific Fleet Club
Victoria, British Columbia - With our friends Machina.

Jan 18, 2009 7:00 PM - Victoria Event Centre
1415 Broad St., Victoria, British Columbia

Redbird campaign wins marketing award for AVT

Alberni Valley Tourism marketing award

On Friday October 24th, at Tourism Vancouver Island’s 45th Annual Conference, the Alberni Valley Tourism council received recognition for its efforts and achievements over the past year by winning the Multi-Faceted Advertising Campaign award. - Shane's Nissan GTR Forum!

Hello everyone, my name is Shane Vincent and I am a web developer with Redbird Communications. Our president has graciously opened up the Redbird blog to employee posts, so I've decided to use this opportunity to shamelessly promote my personal website - hah!

Steve Torrence, Executive Director of the Construction Safety Network of BC

The first winner of Redbird's 'Client Appreciation Freebie' award was Steve Torrence, Executive Director of the Construction Safety Network of BC. Steve chose to use his freebie on a logo for a new theatre company that he and wife Karen Golden are founding.