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Taking CASL by Storm: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Comes Into Force July 1

On July 1, 2014 new Industry Canada anti-spam legislation will come into force and it will have a huge impact on businesses, not-for-profits and even individuals. Fines for violations of the legislation will range from $1 million for individuals to $10 million for businesses, with additional fines for non-compliant policies! But don’t panic, we’ll all get the hang of it – and you will get points for effort, at least to begin with.

Wanted: Online Marketing Specialist - Position Filled

Redbird Communications is looking for an experienced online specialist to plan, implement, and analyze digital marketing strategies for our clients and the agency itself.

How to use infographics to raise awareness for health promotion campaigns


Over the past few years, we’ve created infographics to support health promotion campaigns including awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Today, we want to share a few of the tactics we’ve learned. You’ll also learn some advanced techniques for promoting your infographic to make sure that it travels far and wide online. We’ve broken it down into the three stages of creating an infographic: gathering the data, designing your story, and promotion. 

Redbird is ‘Climate Smart’!

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emissions tracking, sustainability framework, sustainable planning, green business

We’re happy to report that Redbird is now certified as a Climate Smart Business, following an eight-month program to track, report and analyze our greenhouse gas emissions related to business operations.

During that time, Redbird participated in three workshops and worked with Climate Smart business leaders to i) measure our emissions since 2011, ii) reduce our emissions, and iii) leverage that information into an emissions reduction plan which will form part of the Redbird Corporate Sustainability Plan.

Learn how leading non-profits demonstrate the impact and ROI of their programs

We are collecting responses and best practices from non-profit leaders about how they measure and demonstrate the impact / ROI of their programs. All participants will recieve a special report with best practices and insights gained from leading non-profits, public health organizations, and social enterprises from accross North America. If you'd like a copy of the report, please respond by December 15th, 2013. 

Your donors and stakeholders want you to quantify the exact ROI of their investment in awareness campaigns and program delivery.


Redbird Communications has developed a proprietary networking application called ‘Alula’.  An alula site is whatever the user wants or needs it to be but at the core it is akin to a completely secure Facebook site customizable for any organization or cause.

Inspiring Actions - Inspiring Action

A plastics’ reduction story

Although the Redbird Communications ‘Takeout Waste Reduction’ program has been in full swing for 4 months, it is just now seeing the true power of its potential.
Cleverly established April 16, 2013, the Redbird ‘Takeout Waste Reduction’ program rose from a conversation about how life changing the local Thai restaurants’ vegetarian Tom Ka Gai soup is - it’s amazing.