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4 Holiday Fundraising Gimmicks That Everyone Hates: Advice for Campaigners

Suggested donations: a fundraising tactic that can insult potential donors

The holiday season can be the best time of the year for retailers and fundraisers alike -- or it can yield disappointing results that will affect your entire fiscal year. Non-profit fundraisers are in fierce competition for available donations -- but not all fundraising campaigns are equal. Here are four tactics that we think are the worst, and may in fact drive potential donors away.

How To Conduct An Effective Focus Group

Whether you’re trying to raise public awareness, change behaviour, test new products and services, or gauge the strength of your brand, market research is a must – and focus groups are a great way to gather intelligence. Ideally these are organized and facilitated by professionals, but smaller organizations with a do-it-yourself budget can still benefit from this tool, if they proceed with caution.

Social Media: A Must for Healthy Marketing

Social Media: A Must for Healthy Marketing

With so much great content available and so many great, healthy causes to support -- not to mention the many organizations forming “cause marketing” coalitions that lend money and visibility on one hand and social responsibility creds on the other -- it’s increasingly essential that your social media not be an afterthought, or delegated to an unpaid intern.

How to Get Results from Digital Health Promotion Campaigns

Health Promotion Guide Cover

To paraphrase (or completely distort) a great Wayne’s World moment: “Your cause is worthy, your cause is worthy!”

Plus, you have the best experts and the most up-to-date information. So why aren’t your website and other digital efforts paying off?

How to Optimize Fundraising & Volunteer Management with Marketing Automation

How to optimize fundraising and volunteer management with marketing automation

As you may know, Redbird recently began offering marketing automation as a service with our partner SharpSpring. Marketing automation is often set up and presented in a way that appeals to businesses whose bottom line is sales, sales and more sales. But marketing automation does so much more than help you optimize sales conversions through your pipeline.

The Pros, Cons and Costs of Video Marketing

Video Marketing: Pros and Cons

Recently a client asked us to advise him on the advantages and disadvantages of using video to market his services. Here’s what we told him:

The Pros