Changing Behaviour

Mass media campaigns are great for raising awareness, but they’re not that effective when it comes to changing personal behaviour. Yes, if you’re already going to the grocery store and you’re already in the beverage aisle and you're already reaching for a can of soda, an ad campaign can influence your purchase decision about which brand to choose. But to stop someone from drinking too much soda and start them on a path to healthier living is a little more challenging.

Behaviours like regular exercise, healthy eating, reduced energy consumption, quitting smoking, recycling and other sustainable choices require a significant amount of motivation, effort and, often, inconvenience – and at 6:00 in the morning when you’re lying in bed deciding whether to get up and exercise, or turn over and go back to sleep, even the most persuasive ad campaign will usually lose to the pillow. 

So what does work? Redbird can create pledges, prompts, norms, gamification, incentives, and other behaviour change tactics that will help your target audiences develop healthier habits, online and off.

Let's talk about your behaviour change campaign.