About Redbird Communications

Redbird Communications is a socially conscious marketing communications agency based in Victoria, British Columbia. Founded in March 2001, we help our clients create healthier people, by raising awareness and changing behaviour. We use owned, earned, and bought media, with online and offline tactics.

We've educated the public about the warning signs of stroke with a multi-media campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We've organized community workshops across the province for the Kidney Foundation of Canada and created a unique social networking site for their volunteers. We've developed an online forum complete with an avatar generator for a youth mental health campaign for the West Coast Primary Health Organization of New Zealand. 

We’ve branded a manufacturer of customized amino acid supplements, rebranded the Family Caregivers of British Columbia, launched My Nurse Advisor, developed promotional materials for an orthotics manufacturer, and given a whole new look to an anti-aging medical practice. We’ve helped kids get adopted, teens practice safe sex, and the elderly prepare to die. 

We'd love to help you, too. Let's talk!