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BC Transplant illustrates the power of storytelling in new awareness campaign

BC Transplant recently launched a new awareness campaign aimed at increasing organ and tissue transplant rates. According to recent research, 86% of BC residents plan to register as donors (and know about the need), but just 17% have officially registered.  The campaign features the story of Eva Markvoort, a young artist, writer, and organ transplant recipient. It will be interesting to see if the storytelling approach of the campaign results in some serious behavioural change.

Changing behaviour? Not without your neighbour.

behavioural change campaigns

By James Mulvey 

How much influence does your neighbour have on your good intentions? Saving the planet. Donating a kidney. These are important social actions. But when it comes to changing people’s behaviour, it appears that your neighbour is often the best nudge -- or stumbling block -- to that final gap between theoretical support and practical action.

Local Victoria web developers shuffle the deck

Three Victoria web specialists have set up shop as Deck Fifty Design Inc., and are offering a one-month introductory special on new and redesigned websites.  Shane Vincent, Shane Graham, and Julianne Mullin have previously worked for Redbird Communications and NorthStudio, building sites for clients like the Office of the Auditor General, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon, Silken Laumann, and others. They will now share office space with Redbird as an independently owned and operated web development agency.

Redbird sells positive behaviour to staff

Victoria Marketing Communications Agency changing behaviour in own staff

How much influence does your company have on changing your health and well-being? Our staff are about to find out, as we have launched an in-office campaign that will give us a dose of our own marketing medicine.

Local Victoria sailing team about to mail themselves to the Olympics

Victoria sailing team Kula 470 sponsor us

Our pro-bono clients Kula 470, a Canadian sailing team, might spend a lot of their time around the quiet waters of Victoria BC, but their talents could take them to the biggest sport stage in the world at London 2012.

We first met with Fraser McMillan and Eric van der Pol in June, and helped them develop a campaign to find a major Olympic sponsor. After returning from Europe from the World Sailing Cup, and with their sponsorship package all ready, they are ready to start their direct mail campaign for a major brand partner.

Redbirds flock to BC Hydro’s 2010 Power Smart Forum

Redbird advertising agency in Victoria 2010 Tradeshow display

This year, Redbird has been working with BC Hydro to promote energy conservation in the advanced education sector. Carol, our president, was invited by BC Hydro to speak at the 2010 PowerSmart Forum on the topic of ‘Fostering Sustainable Behavioral Change’, giving the Redbird team a chance to head over to Vancouver and set up our tradeshow booth and participate in some valuable workshops about changing energy habits.

Digi-Cool launches their new AK-900 digital refrigeration system analyzer with help from social media


This is an older article, but you can see the AK-900 at Digi-Cool's website. To view the AK-900 click here

For the development of their new digital refrigeration system analyzer, the AK-900 (the Analog Killer), Digi-Cool has taken advantage of the growing numbers of HVAC/R professionals online and has incorporated many suggestions from forums, bloggers, and emails from customers into their new AK series.