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How long does it take to adopt a new behaviour?

By James Mulvey


Our clients sometimes ask how long exactly a behavioural change campaign needs to run before the target audience goes from awareness to actually adopting a new healthy behaviour.

Quick answer? Research shows that it takes between 18-224 days to make a new behaviour an ingrained habit, indicating a considerable variation based on the individual.

10 best #YYJ (Victoria) green businesses

green businesses in Victoria BC

By James Mulvey

Green businesses in Victoria BC are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. So we thought that we’d help promote them a bit by writing a post about what we think are some of the best local green companies. 

6 online branding mistakes made by “green” websites

By James Mulvey 

“The best and most successful brands,” writes Wally Olins, “are completely coherent. Every aspect of what they do and what they are reinforces everything else.” With this in mind, your website needs to be more than just a template filled with stock photography and corporate values written by the intern. 

Consistency needs to run deep from your brand’s central message to the tone of voice of your sales copy to the colors and images you choose. It all has to make sense.

What health promotion can learn from the science of e-commerce

health promotion conversion tactics

By James Mulvey

Health promotion and behaviour change campaigns have a pretty hard job online.  It’s tough enough to get someone to buy a pair of shoes or shiny new ipad online--harder still to get someone to visit your website and learn about healthy living habits or memorize the signs of stroke. You have to move people to action--but often it is an unwelcome action with an intangible benefit (such as cutting down on fatty foods or exercising more).

Planking in #yyj for Stroke Awareness Month

Using social media to raise awareness in #yyj

“Planking”, otherwise known as ‘the lying down game’ is a global fad where participants lie face down in unusual places and post a picture to the internet. In the photo on the right, employees of ad agency Redbird Communications plank out the word Stroke at Victoria General Hospital, in a nod to Stroke Awareness Month for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon.

17 powerful online fundraising tools for raising money and awareness

17 essential online fundraising tools

By James Mulvey

Every nonprofit or social enterprise wants to raise a ton of donations and awareness through viral social media promotion. While there are plenty of tools and platforms out there, it takes bit of time to find the best ones for your campaign.

It may not be love

viral awareness campaign

A few months ago, we asked our Twitter followers to give us their opinion of a video concept Redbird’s president, Carol Vincent, had developed for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon. Would it be offensive to use humour in a message about the warning signs of stroke? Was it too obscure? Was it the kind of thing people would pass along? The response was favourable, and our client took a leap of faith.

A sweet deal for diabetes fundraising

fundraising for diabetes

For the ninth year in a row, the Kiwanis Cycles Kilometers for Diabetes (KCKD) team will hit the road to raise awareness and dollars for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in children. Clad in bright Canada jerseys, the KCKD cyclists will set off at 9:15 am on Sunday May 29th from the Willows Beach Tea Pavilion. Six days and 450 gruelling kilometers later, they’ll get a fire truck and police car escort into Port Alberni, their final destination.