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Four innovative behavior change campaigns used in health care

This week Redbird Communications gave a behavior change workshop to 17 members of BC’s South Asian community in preparation for a new health promotion campaign about hypertension for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Redbird's Holiday Lyrics

This year, the Redbird Team signed up for Victoria’s 2nd Annual Figgy Pudding Carolling Competition. The competition takes place at Bastion Square on December 17th, 2011. For the occasion, Carol Vincent, our president, wrote some funny lyrics to a few traditional holiday songs. Come down to Bastion Square and see us sing these live this Saturday! 

And if we don't see you down at the competition, we hope you have a very, very happy and relaxing holiday! Here's Redbird's take on some holiday classics. 


One simple, innovative direct mail fundraising idea

By James Mulvey

Last week, our office received a very powerful fundraising postcard in the mail. 

Take a look:

innovative fundraising direct mail sample


The copy reads: Make one gift now and we’ll never ask for another donation again.

Understanding donor psychology: motivations and barriers to charitable giving

This is a sample from our new research report entitled Motivate and Convince: the Most Effective Tactics for Attracting Donors and Volunteers. You can download the report for free here: full report hereNote: the sources and references to the studies mentioned here can be found in the full report

The most effective fundraising channels for soliciting donations

most effective donor channels

This week, our agency Redbird Communications released Motivate and Convince: the Most Effective Tactics for Attracting Donors and Volunteers, a free research report for non-profits. In the report, we revealed some interesting research about the most effective channels for soliciting donations.

The most effective tactics for attracting donors and volunteers—a new free research report

Redbird releases a free research report--aimed at helping non-profits attract more donors and volunteers. 

If you work at a non-profit, you know first hand the challenge of fundraising, planning for the future, and retaining volunteers. As many of our clients are non-profits, Redbird Communications has produced a detailed research report, surveying the Canadian non-profit landscape and offering some strategic advice for attracting donors and volunteers. 


How gamification is changing health promotion campaigns

Gamification and health promotion

By James Mulvey


Gamification, a growing trend in health promotion, is showing that fun, social experiences can dramatically improve and change people’s behaviour. 

Health promotion and Google AdWords - 7 principles that will actually get you more sign-ups and donations online

Google AdWords for nonprofits

By James Mulvey

This article is part of Redbird Communications blog series covering insights, tactics, and strategies for promoting health causes with Google’s Search and Display Network. For more articles like this, please follow us on Twitter (@Redbirdcomms)