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Beyond the Bulb and Before the Switch

(Hint: all questions have the same answer)

1. What single action can:
• Increase:
o Employee productivity by a proven 2 – 5%
o Employee memory and attention
o Employee morale
o Perception of corporate value
• Decrease:
o Employee sick time
• Impress and appease clients, customers and partners?

2. What can reduce a buildings heating and cooling expense by 50 – 75 cents per square foot?

3. What can reduce overall office energy demand by 22%?

A better way to think about health promotion and digital channels

By Redbird Communications.

This eBooklet is going to change how you think about digital health promotion campaigns.

We are going to depart from the usual mix of online tactics that many national non-profits, government agencies, and organizations use to raise awareness and change behaviour.

5 helpful health promotion and sustainability marketing resources

The Redbird team has been busy creating and collecting some helpful health and social marketing resources for you.

Below, you’ll find:

Energy Conservation Program: Helping BC Hydro Earn Big Returns From Behavioural Change

This article tours Redbird Communication's current energy conservation campaign for BC Hydro. We talk about what worked and offer some behavioural change lessons and insights we learned while helping reduce power consumption on university campuses across BC. 

[Photo] Creative tradeshow booth display

By Doug Brown 

Building a better media plan - tradeshow display

Treehouse Media is a media-planning company based in Victoria. Their president, Steve Hutchinson, asked us to come up with a creative idea for a tradeshow display.

10 simple sustainability actions every office can take

sustainability marketing

Last week, our sustainability program manager Trevor Bennett laid out a comprehensive set of sustainability initiatives to help make the Redbird office a greener place to work. 

We will be working to put these actions into practice over the next few weeks and so we thought we’d share 10 simple sustainability actions any office can take.

Trevor works with our BC Hydro account and has been helping post-secondary universities across BC to reduce their campus energy consumption. 

Five health marketing and sustainability resources you don't want to miss

Here are five health marketing and sustainability resources we found useful last month. Includes some custom advice from the Redbird blog. Enjoy! 

Generate more online leads for your health company

This article from Redbird’s blog shows how to generate online leads and increase brand recognition with SEO. The article also features detailed statistics on the average cost-per-lead with SEO and the optimal number of posts for higher lead generation.