We’ve got a little SharpSpring in our step: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Daily Report

Identify and track quality leads from formerly anonymous web traffic? Now you can.

Marketing automation is one of the latest buzzwords being thrown about by marketing and sales teams trying to manage increasing volumes of emails and lead tracking that tends to be repetitive and time-consuming. Automating these processes (for example, triggering targeted emails relevant to leads depending on their progress in the lead cycle and what web pages they are visiting) and analytics (daily reports on web traffic) can reduce human error and free up time for other important tasks, like writing quality content and engaging with customers and contacts… not to mention enjoying summer vacations!

Here at Redbird we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a managed marketing automation service to our for-profit and not-for-profit clients.

Introducing SharpSpring

With SharpSpring, a flexible, results-driven marketing automation solution, Redbird can now offer efficient and cost-effective email marketing drip campaigns and lead identification with seamless CRM integration for your sales or volunteer and donor management teams. Unlike less sophisticated email marketing solutions, marketing automation isn’t just a glorified email blast mechanism - the point is to be able to keep track of your leads and set up parameters to automatically send content that is relevant to them without having to monitor and call them all the time. For example leads that aren’t quite ready to make a purchase or donation can be scored based on the amount and type of communication you have had with them, and appropriate content can be pushed to them to help with their decision making based on their behaviour on your website. Now it’s easier than ever for us to report on and help to identify those anonymous web visitors who were previously lost conversion opportunities and to automate behaviour-based emails that really nurture leads for greater conversion and increased sales, donations and volunteer interest.

There are all sorts of other useful, adaptable features. Being able to link your marketing automation with CRM systems, like Salesforce, means that you can track potential leads while simultaneously nurturing them and continuing to communicate with valued clients for more return business. We can even link your Google Adwords account to SharpSpring for integrated analytics, letting you know which search terms and ads helped specific leads find you.

Redbird <3 Marketing Automation

Whose organization wouldn’t benefit from more efficient, accurate lead identification, scoring and nurturing? The easiest way to add marketing automation to your organization’s repertoire is to subscribe through Redbird. We’ll design your system to meet your goals, whether they are to increase product sales, reach out to valued donors when they are already thinking of you, or ask contacts to answer questions and sign up for communications from you. Talk about time savings!

Request a demo, give us a call or email us to chat about how Redbird’s marketing automation solution can help you identify opportunities and increase sales and other desirable conversions.

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