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Hello everyone, my name is Shane Vincent and I am a web developer with Redbird Communications. Our president has graciously opened up the Redbird blog to employee posts, so I've decided to use this opportunity to shamelessly promote my personal website - hah! | Nissan Pulsar Forum Canada
This site was born out of my love for the Nissan Pulsar GTiR, a right hand drive import from Japan. I had such a difficult time finding relevant local information on the car that I decided to create a Canada specific forum where I could find answers to all sorts of Nissan Pulsar questions. So far the site has been up for a bit less than a year, and already we've got a decent little community going. As of this writing the site has just under three hundred registered users posting topics and articles, and gets about 16,000 pageviews a month (thats just over 500 per day!)