Social Media: A Must for Healthy Marketing

Social Media: A Must for Healthy Marketing

With so much great content available and so many great, healthy causes to support -- not to mention the many organizations forming “cause marketing” coalitions that lend money and visibility on one hand and social responsibility creds on the other -- it’s increasingly essential that your social media not be an afterthought, or delegated to an unpaid intern.

Gone are the days when you could smile indulgently and say, “social media isn’t for me” or “that it isn’t where our audience is.” Social media is for everyone now and with a solid strategy and some simple guidelines, there’s no reason it should be more burden than boon. Did you know...

Health is one of the most searched topics on the internet, with 19% of people having downloaded health and fitness apps on their smartphones and 72% of Americans having looked up health symptoms and information (and those are 2012 stats!).

Often the causes that health focused organizations are championing are things that we all now recognize -- smoking is bad for us and we should be exercising and not eating sugary foods. But awareness does not equal behaviour change -- it’s hard to quit or start or be good! The beauty of social media and the array of digital tools available to us is that there are so many ways to offer your target audience supportive, encouraging messages and stay top of mind. A good social media presence will even give your search rankings a boost. And since health organizations are notoriously slow to adopt new tools and technology, you have the opportunity to be a leader in your industry by making your presence felt on social media and becoming an influencer that others will look to.

Your audience is on social media and someone is going to get their attention -- so make sure it is you!

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? We can help! Give us a shout today to start racking up the leads with your own social media strategy and personalized set of guidelines.