Redbird releases a free report to help non-profits better demonstrate the ROI of their programs to donors


Redbird Communications has released a new report filled with practical strategies to help non-profits demonstrate the ROI of their program to corporate donors. You can download the free report here. Or read about the contents below. 

Non-profits are facing increasing pressure from their corporate donors to act and report like businesses. As noted in the most recent Donor Non-Profit Performance Report, corporate donors want to know the value of their support and the hard facts about what their sponsorship has 'purchased' in terms of social or public health improvement.

ROI to corporate donors


The non-profit sector needs evaluative and evidence-driven ways to assess their performance, outcomes, and impact. And corporations and donors who support them deserve information about the performance of non-profits. However, quantifying social or behavioural change is a complicated and expensive task.

Redbird's new report, entitled 10 Powerful Strategies to Help Non-Profits Demonstrate the ROI of Their Programs, offers some practical solutions. The report assumes that you don’t have a massive budget to invest in launching expensive studies to prove impact, and offers instead some creative and innovative ways to show the value of your programs using social media data, advanced web analytics, simple pre and post measurements, and innovative PR strategies. 

In the free report, you will find: 

  • Case-studies of high-performing non-profits and examples of successful health promotion campaigns. 
  • Advice on tracking the performance of your non-profit marketing campaigns with advanced multi-channel web analytics
  • A powerful PR strategy used by Earth Rangers, an innovative Canadian non-profit, to demonstrate ROI to corporate partners. 
  • ROI beyond numbers--using regulatory or legislative change to prove the impact of your non-profit to corporate and government partners.  
  • How to use tactics and metrics in your campaign planning.
  • Why quantitative social media data is a powerful way to prove the success of your health promotion or behavioural change campaigns. 
  • Simple pre and post measurements any non-profit can use. 


Get the free report here



About Redbird Communications

Redbird Communications is a marketing communications agency in Victoria, British Columbia, that works with non-profits, social enterprises, government ministries and other private and public-sector organizations.

Founded in 2001, we provide research, strategic planning, creative services, and public relations to clients in BC, Ontario, and beyond. Redbird has developed province-wide awareness campaigns, including our most recent ‘Signs of Stroke’ campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon. For that campaign, we helped to raise $250,000 from pharmaceutical sponsors to fund the media buy, and created TV and radio spots, print collateral, and online advertising.

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