Redbird is ‘Climate Smart’!

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emissions tracking, sustainability framework, sustainable planning, green business

We’re happy to report that Redbird is now certified as a Climate Smart Business, following an eight-month program to track, report and analyze our greenhouse gas emissions related to business operations.

During that time, Redbird participated in three workshops and worked with Climate Smart business leaders to i) measure our emissions since 2011, ii) reduce our emissions, and iii) leverage that information into an emissions reduction plan which will form part of the Redbird Corporate Sustainability Plan.

Redbird generated a total emissions factor of 11.05tCO2e; 5.95 over the fiscal year 2011 and 5.1 over fiscal 2012.  Our largest source of emissions is from transporting people, including travel for business and daily commuting by employees.  Heat and electricity were our next two largest sources of emissions.

Development of the Redbird Corporate Sustainability Plan began before our participation in the Climate Smart Business certification program. It identifies all known sources of pollution, emissions, or unhealthy work factors generated through procurement, daily operations, and culture – creating a three-pronged approach to our conservation efforts. Redbird has assigned champions to each action and a timeline to aim for achieving those goals.

The subsequent input from our quick-witted and creative Climate Smart Business trainer was a great addition to the process. Ana suggested four additional actions that will help Redbird decrease employee-commuting emissions.

Our next steps are to continue to implement our sustainability plan and to look into locally supportive carbon offsets for our 2011, 2012 emissions.

We are proud to have received our Climate Smart Business certification and look forward to the opportunities and adventures our journey towards sustainability brings.

We invite you to read the Climate Smart Business Report attached to this post and encourage any comments or feedback you might have

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