Redbird Communications has developed a proprietary networking application called ‘Alula’.  An alula site is whatever the user wants or needs it to be but at the core it is akin to a completely secure Facebook site customizable for any organization or cause.

Currently 8 universities in BC Hydro’s Workplace Conservation Awareness program are using the alula site ‘’. There are over 20 users, four of whom have administrative capabilities. The administrators have full security control over the site and its content, including email blasts to the network or deleting any post deemed inappropriate. The other 16 users are able to post content, initiate group conversations or add events to the site calendar.

An alula site is the launch pad of inspiration, the bodum to steep ideas into work plans, the stenographer of conversations, and the archivist of past events. It is the podium for celebrating successes, the ‘Honey-Do’ list of next steps, the analyst tracking campaign progress and a lifeline to the community manager.

Time management of deliverables is always a challenge for any campaign, event or program development process. To address this challenge Redbird added a campaign ‘checklist’ feature to electricus. This feature allows university coordinators to create a checklist of their contract touchpoints to stay on top of what deliverables are due, when. These checklists are posted on their institution page and are visible by other universities – increasing project accountability.

An alula site is a useful tool for just about anyone – but particularly for those who are too busy to pull together a widespread community of diverse individuals; too busy to be campaign coordinator, social media guru, and communications manager all at once.

Redbird Communications provides effective alula site hosting services as well as ‘community manager’ services.  As the only marketing communications agency in Canada to have an Environmental Scientist on staff, Redbird was able to provide subject matter expertise in developing and maintaining engagement of BC Hydro’s user groups in electricus.  The community manager posted relevant information about conservation activities, inspirational/educational resources, and upcoming events or meetings, and invigorated conversation among campaign coordinators.

For anyone with an extensive volunteer network, or a multi-faceted project with various sub-groups to manage, an alula site provides a centralized ‘hub’ for all things campaign based.  Because the alula site is secure and private the community manager and other site administrators are able to manage site content ensuring only information that is pertinent to the campaign or project is posted reducing the possibility that it would become a ‘second Facebook’ become jammed with unconscious ‘posting’ traffic and have limited member engagement.

To increase traffic, engagement and familiarity with electricus among the institutional green team coordinators Redbird’s community manager organized an electricus launch challenge.
Each coordinator was asked to use the various functions on electricus – the event calendar, touchpoint checklist, posting pictures, videos or documents – and their progress was tracked on the electricus launch scoreboard. At the end of the timeline a winner of two smart power bars was selected and rewarded for their efforts. This challenge and consistent messaging from the community manager more than doubled the amount of conversation and traffic on the site.

For more information about Alula, contact Ph: 250-479-3806