Digi-Cool launches their new AK-900 digital refrigeration system analyzer with help from social media


This is an older article, but you can see the AK-900 at Digi-Cool's website. To view the AK-900 click here

For the development of their new digital refrigeration system analyzer, the AK-900 (the Analog Killer), Digi-Cool has taken advantage of the growing numbers of HVAC/R professionals online and has incorporated many suggestions from forums, bloggers, and emails from customers into their new AK series.

Founded by a veteran HVAC/R technician, Doug Lockhart, Digi-Cool has attempted to keep their products geared towards the everyday problems facing technicians. In recent years this has become a little easier. Doug Lockhart can be frequently seen interacting with other technicians on popular HVAC/R blogs and forums such as InstruMetriX.com, Hvac-talk.com, and Hvacprotech.com. In fact, many of the improved features of the AK-900 have come from direct suggestions from loyal customers, online beta reviews, and e-mails from other mechanics.

“We try to make our products responsive to the needs of guys out there in the field as much as possible,” said Brenda Lockhart, marketing manager. “My husband (Doug Lockhart) obviously wants new products to evolve from the perspective of a mechanic, not an engineer.”

The AK-900’s most improved feature from earlier Digi-Cool digital analyzers is the single, large LCD window. This window, which is specific to the AK-900, requires no toggling to access different information about the refrigeration system being referenced. Digi-Cool’s patented Dynamic Offset Bar Graph display is still upgraded 4 times per second with the 8 segments above and below ‘0’ on the low side each representing a 0.25 psi plus or minus deviation from the displayed numeric pressure on the low side, and a 1 psi plus or minus deviation for each segment displayed above or below ‘0’ on the high side.

The AK-900 has also taken into account the professional image of mechanics and the need to provide competitive service billings. With .05 % accuracy and over 30 common refrigerant profiles, mechanics will be able to reduce their call backs and increase productivity. According to Doug Lockhart, mechanics often look for equipment that helps them to look professional, knowledgeable, and technologically adept. With advanced equipment, mechanics can often justify higher charge out rates. The AK-900’s advanced LCD screen, modern look, and durable casing answers the growing demand for sophisticated refrigeration tools.

The official release date is set for January. Mechanics and other industry professionals will be able to try out the AK-900 at the upcoming 2011 AHR Expo in Las Vegas (January 28th- February 1st) where it will be on display. For more information visit, Digi-Cool.com or call 1-866-511-COOL.


For more information, contact Brenda Lockhart, marketing manager, Digi-Cool Industries, (250) 748-1783, or Amy Schumacher, Redbird Communications, 250-479-3806 or 250-818-4791.