Local Victoria sailing team about to mail themselves to the Olympics

Victoria sailing team Kula 470 sponsor us

Our pro-bono clients Kula 470, a Canadian sailing team, might spend a lot of their time around the quiet waters of Victoria BC, but their talents could take them to the biggest sport stage in the world at London 2012.

We first met with Fraser McMillan and Eric van der Pol in June, and helped them develop a campaign to find a major Olympic sponsor. After returning from Europe from the World Sailing Cup, and with their sponsorship package all ready, they are ready to start their direct mail campaign for a major brand partner.

Fraser and Eric race in the 470 sailing class (a 4.70 cm boat), which is reputed to be one of the most difficult Olympic sailing classes, and have been gaining big national and international wins in recent years. They won 1st in the 2008 Canadian Champions and 2nd in 2009. They’ve also ranked as high as 15th at major international events and placed among the best teams in the world at the prestigious World Cup Miami ORC.

In 2010, they were invited onto the Canadian Sailing Team and are members of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club’s high performance race team. They are also sponsored by Ocean Rodeo, the Canadian Yachting Association, and Sport Canada.

For the team, it’s been a stressful but also rewarding climb towards the Olympics. They have struggled to pay rent, worked day jobs and trained hard in every spare moment. While they haven’t won a gold medal yet, they have risen as high as 15th at major international events, and were featured in April's Boat Journal in an article about promising Olympic teams.

As their keen marketing sponsor, Redbird has prepared a direct mail campaign, marketing support, and a sponsorship presentation which Team Kula will pitch to any interested companies.

As sailing is tightly connected with wind, Kula is especially looking for wind energy or renewable energy companies. So if you’d like to own your own Olympic team and have a company whose values include clean energy, teamwork, and the creative use of natural forces, please contact Kula at kula470@gmail.com and they will send you an information package.

As sailing enthusiasts know, the 470 is a fast, small boat and often involves very close competition between teams. If you have never seen a 470 sailing event, click on the link and see Eric and Fraser in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaWepaRC9Cw.