Never make this fundraising mistake

By James Mulvey

Last month, we wrote about a very compelling fundraising tactic. The letter asks for a donation to help children with cleft lips and palates. 

fundraising mistakes

We loved the direct mail piece because, as our free fundraising report Motivate and Convince: the Most Effective Tactics for Attracting Donors and Volunteers showed, the frequency and tone of fundraising letters remains one of the most common barriers preventing people from giving more to non-profits. 

The non-profit seemed to get this pain-point in the audience’s mind. And they made a compelling offer: “Make one gift and we’ll never ask for another donation again.”

We gave.

And then we tweeted about it. We even mentioned it in an upcoming research report on developing memorable communication pieces.

And then this happened. 

We got another letter. But this time the "make one gift and we’ll leave you alone" just didn’t carry the same emotional weight. 

The biggest marketing mistake you can make is to break your promises. Because, if you don’t deliver, the next time you speak people don’t believe you. And if people don’t believe you, they’ll never send you money, spread the word about your mission, or invest in your cause.

Promises are easy to make. Delivering on them is what builds your brand for the long-term. 

don't make this fundraising blunder


Free Research Report: The Most Effective Tactics for Attracting Donors and Volunteers

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    Redbird’s research report contains 21 pages of research-based best fundraising and communication practices for non-profits, including graphs, detailed stats, donor retention research, and strategic analysis of the challenges that many non-profits face.

    In the report, you will find:  

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    • Analytical commentary, tables, and graphs.

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