The most effective tactics for attracting donors and volunteers—a new free research report

Redbird releases a free research report--aimed at helping non-profits attract more donors and volunteers. 

If you work at a non-profit, you know first hand the challenge of fundraising, planning for the future, and retaining volunteers. As many of our clients are non-profits, Redbird Communications has produced a detailed research report, surveying the Canadian non-profit landscape and offering some strategic advice for attracting donors and volunteers. 



Redbird’s new research report contains 21 pages of research-based best fundraising and communication practices for non-profits, including graphs, detailed stats, donor retention research, and strategic analysis of the challenges that many non-profits face.

In the report, you will find: 

  • Market research showing that individuals and corporations would donate more to non-profits if they had more information on how donations were used.
  • Data and analytical commentary on developing metrics and performance score cards to attract more funding.
  • How to improve individual donation campaigns. 
  • Research and actionable insights on the most effective fundraising tactics, including segmentation, data mining, and the highest yielding donation channels.
  • Research on approaching business leaders, corporations, and foundations for support. 
  • Research on donor motivations and psychology.
  • Research and tactics on attracting and retaining volunteers.
  • Analytical commentary, tables, and graphs.
  • Key findings: the most effective communication pieces for fundraising; public and business perception of non-profits; volunteer profiles and common barriers to the public offering more support for non-profit initiatives. 

Researched by Redbird's senior strategist, the report synthesizes data from a variety of sources, including Statistics Canada, the Fraser Institute, and the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations. The report also includes an analysis of non-profit fundraising trends, and recommendations for meeting the difficult funding and communication challenges facing Canadian non-profits.


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