Learn how leading non-profits demonstrate the impact and ROI of their programs

We are collecting responses and best practices from non-profit leaders about how they measure and demonstrate the impact / ROI of their programs. All participants will recieve a special report with best practices and insights gained from leading non-profits, public health organizations, and social enterprises from accross North America. If you'd like a copy of the report, please respond by December 15th, 2013. 

Your donors and stakeholders want you to quantify the exact ROI of their investment in awareness campaigns and program delivery.

Again and again, though, we see our clients struggle with this challenge. You know that you are doing important work and you see the tangible outcomes.

But when it comes to presenting success to your stakeholders it can be incredibly difficult to prove the impact of your programs, at least in a numbers and figures way.

As one of our blog readers put it recently,

There cannot be an apples-to-apples comparison. Community Foundations are inherently different than for-profit product driven companies. There needs to be a different system of measurement for nonprofits. Our biggest challenge is helping board members and stakeholders to understand the difference between marketing/sales and development.

Effectively measuring ROI in a long-term, relationship-based environment is difficult. Communicating to stakeholders why it is inappropriate to apply to a community foundation the same measurement tactics and benchmarks used in the for-profit, product-driven marketplace

A lot of our client work involves health promotion campaigns. It’s not easy to quantify the exact impact of a particular awareness campaign on, for example, condom usage among teens.

Additionally, awareness campaigns often have small budgets and hiring a team of social scientists to quantify impact would cost more than the campaign.

Learn how other non-profit leaders solve this challenge 

We have a lot of non-profit leaders who read our blog as well have sent this post to the 1,000+ non-profit leaders who subscribe to our newsletter.  We decided to turn the microphone over to you.

How has your organization responded to the challenge of demonstrating impact? What tools or metrics have you discovered? What are you still struggling with?

If you share your ideas with us, we will gather all of our collective wisdom. You’ll then get a follow-up report with the collected responses and best practices from other leaders.

How this will work

  • Email your response to info@redbirdonline.com. Take 1-2 minutes and share your best insight, biggest hurdle, or metrics you’ve found to be helpful.
  • We’ll then collect all of the responses and send you an edited document, sharing the best intelligence from non-profits around the world.
  • Your name and organization will be kept anonymous. If you’d like credit, just mention that in your submission. Otherwise, we’ll assume you prefer to stay anonymous.

Bonus perk for participants

If you participate and help us create this resource, you will receive a free copy of our Advanced Guide to Online Health Promotion.