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A plastics’ reduction story

Although the Redbird Communications ‘Takeout Waste Reduction’ program has been in full swing for 4 months, it is just now seeing the true power of its potential.
Cleverly established April 16, 2013, the Redbird ‘Takeout Waste Reduction’ program rose from a conversation about how life changing the local Thai restaurants’ vegetarian Tom Ka Gai soup is - it’s amazing.

This conversation quickly transpired into a discussion about how much waste is produced from take-out meals. More importantly, we noted how much waste is produced from take-out meals within our own office; an office where we take pride in our drive toward eco-neutrality and work to instil a culture of sustainability. 

Brainstorming together we thought of a few solutions and decided as a group that we would begin bringing our own containers and making sure to let all of the local digs know we do not ever need disposable utensils with our orders.

The restaurants are pleased and delighted every time a Redbird calls to place an order – they get their own beautiful delight out of refilling a container.  I like to believe it’s because they enjoy the positive feelings created around the concept of choosing a different approach to life and living with resilience.

Fast forward to Thursday, August 15th 2013.  On this particularly rushed morning I skipped out of the house without even a thought as to what would provide my nourishment for the day.  Lunchtime seemed to arrive quicker that day and I was famished by 1:00pm and couldn’t get classic Greek salad out of my mind – mmmm kalamata olives. Stopping off at the kitchenette to grab the Redbird take-out containers I dash out quickly to the deli counter at the Country Grocer.

Arriving to a line-up of eager eaters I waited my turn.
“I’ll have a medium container of the classic Greek salad, and a small container of the Tortellini.” I say to the bright eyed girl at the counter (Oh those noodles! I was originally aiming for a nice healthy quinoa, but was swayed when I saw those noodles.) “…And I’ve brought my own containers.”

“Pardon?” she responds

“Ill have a medium …”

“No no… you’ve brought your own containers?” she says in a curious and excited tone.

I smile proudly, “Why, yes I have! Would you mind?”

“That’s amazing!” she said smiling as she took the containers – absolutely enamoured with what was happening.

As she begins to spoon my selections into my reused containers I look over her shoulders to the three other deli attendants who have stopped in their tracks and were smiling big grins at the events that were transpiring.

As she closed the lids on my containers she asks, “Will that be everything today?”

“Yes, I think we’ve done enough here today.” I replied.

One can only dream about what happened next – but I have a hopeful hunch that those deli attendants had a conversation somewhere along the scale of brief to involved, about the idea of encouraging shoppers to bring their own containers.  Now that we’ve got a good handle on encouraging the use of our own tote bags or brown paper bags (which are available upon request at every grocery store if you’ve forgotten your bag) perhaps we should start encouraging something new; up the ante.

I can’t be certain if a conversation like this happened; just as much as I can’t be sure that the novelty of what had happened wore off as soon as I walked away. But the look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces told me something had happened.

They were inspired.

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