How to Optimize Fundraising & Volunteer Management with Marketing Automation

How to optimize fundraising and volunteer management with marketing automation

As you may know, Redbird recently began offering marketing automation as a service with our partner SharpSpring. Marketing automation is often set up and presented in a way that appeals to businesses whose bottom line is sales, sales and more sales. But marketing automation does so much more than help you optimize sales conversions through your pipeline. It has major potential to be a great tool for organizations who don’t deal in traditional sales cycles, but may depend on volunteers, donations, and awareness and behaviour change campaigns!
Traditionally… marketing automation is software that is meant for organizations that want to integrate their marketing and sales efforts. Lists of contacts from your CRM are integrated with the system so that sales teams and marketers can work together to determine the information that would be most useful and interesting for clients and send it out via automated messages triggered by timing or behaviour to encourage them to make a purchase. Marketing automation brings the information from CRMs, email, newsletters, web traffic and campaigns together in one place so you see a more complete picture of where each lead is in the sales cycle… and how to close the deal.

But! At Redbird we think that marketing automation is actually perfect for organizations that don’t have traditional sales cycles too. All kinds of organizations need to be able to manage contact lists and organize them into dynamic lists to send out different kinds of information and calls-to-action. Maybe you need to keep track of your volunteers and their contact information, with a different but overlapping list of donors, and of course your employees, who are after all the best ambassadors for your cause. You can also score your most active donors and volunteers to identify your top performers and determine where there is room for improvement or where you need to change your tactics. Nurturing your volunteers and donors with information and appreciation to keep them excited about the cause is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their continued support! With marketing automation we can also help you determine how well your promotions and campaigns are working by tracking how much traffic is being driven to your site through different social media channels, advertisements, adwords, and even links from other sites. Sales “pipeline” tracking can even be used to track the status of your most important connections. For example, a healthcare not-for-profit focused on behaviour change and campaigns could keep track of the patients the organization serves and their volunteers using the pipeline. This means that patients would be able to update their health status for campaign progress and news items, and even other things, like if they would be interested in being part of publicity campaigns or special events, through an automated system that doesn’t tax the organization’s limited resources. Volunteers and those who are served by not-for-profits can be nurtured through regular, personalized contact that reminds them of the organization’s place in their lives - and tests what kind of content works best. Organizations can see first hand the impact their communications are having on their constituents by tracking how many emails are opened, read and clicked - and how much time is spent on call-to-action links. One of the most useful features of our marketing automation service is being able to set up templates for periodic newsletters and other kinds of automated or transactional email to communicate with your community in consistent and CASL-compliant ways that cut down on the time and resources needed to manage contact list and member communication.

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