How to Get Results from Digital Health Promotion Campaigns

Health Promotion Guide Cover

To paraphrase (or completely distort) a great Wayne’s World moment: “Your cause is worthy, your cause is worthy!”

Plus, you have the best experts and the most up-to-date information. So why aren’t your website and other digital efforts paying off?

Often we get bogged down in what we want to say about why people should be paying attention to a health issue and educating them about it. The truth is, you have to reach out and build up an audience by targeting them at their pain points, when, where and in ways that resonate with them. It isn’t enough to tell them everything you know; you have to find them at the moment they need your information and let them know how it will help them.

Going beyond awkward, outdated online marketing tactics - the oh-so-ineffective brain dump of information on a website and neatly typed keywords - is hard! Delve into some common mistakes and innovative principles to create a new paradigm of digital health promotion that fits your cause and actually works towards raising awareness and changing behaviour with Redbird’s free guide to Digital Health Promotion: A New Framework for Successful Health Promotion Campaigns.

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