Four of our most popular health promotion posts

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Redbird has had a blog for four years now. But last year, we decided to try to post at least a few articles per month on health promotion. Our goal was to write detailed posts that would offer strategic advice, new tools, research, and best practices for health promotion campaigns.

Client work and deadlines, of course, sometimes prevent us from getting posts out. But here are the four most popular posts (according to our analytics) we have published over the last year. 

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How Gamification is Changing Health Promotion Campaigns

Gamification, a growing trend in health promotion, is showing that fun, social experiences can dramatically improve and change people’s behaviour. This article introduces the concept of gamification for health care, offers some successful examples, and explains the psychology behind the power of games in changing behaviour. Read it here

What Health Promotion Can Learn From The Science of E-Commerce

If there is any marketing discipline that knows how to move people to action, it’s the science of online conversion. This article covers some key E-Commerce principles that your next campaign can benefit from, increasing your organization’s ability to move people from awareness to action. 

7 Principles that Will Actually Get You More Sign-ups and Donations Online

This article provides an overview of Google’s Search Network for marketing managers and those involved in overseeing the promotion and communications of health organizations and other socially-orientated enterprises. It shows you some essential differences between traditional advertising and online and how you can effectively use search marketing for your next health promotion campaign.

Four Innovative Behavior Change Campaigns Used in Health Care

The title basically says it all: four innovative behavior change initiatives to inspire your next health promotion campaign.

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