A better way to think about health promotion and digital channels

By Redbird Communications.

This eBooklet is going to change how you think about digital health promotion campaigns.

We are going to depart from the usual mix of online tactics that many national non-profits, government agencies, and organizations use to raise awareness and change behaviour.

We will show you why the digital components of most health promotion campaigns fail to attract large audiences or make much of an impact.

Our hope is that you will see the possibility in digital and better understand how audiences are using these channels.

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What your organization will discover:

By the end of the eBooklet, your organization will understand:

  • Why social sharing campaigns often fail with health promotion.
  • Why many health promotion sites do not attract large numbers of visitors.
  • Three essential frameworks to help rethink the way digital can be used in health promotion. 

Advanced online health promotion insights

Redbird's guide offers a compact analysis of current digital health promotion strategies and tactics.

It analyzes several provincial and national campaigns, showing that health promotion organizations have fallen behind in their understanding of how to attract large numbers of visitors to their campaigns.

The guide offers a new framework for creating successful campaigns. These three frameworks are detailed below. 

Principle #1: Add value with a unique audience asset. This is much different than creating a blog or interactive tool.

Principle #2: Interrupt at the point of need. The guide shows concrete examples of how mobile targeting and digital channels offers a much more relevant and contextual way to reach your target market.

Principle #3: Market for intent. You'll see why most current health promotion campaigns misunderstand social and search channels. 

Case Study: ‘Stop Bullying’ Campaign. The guide offers a powerful analysis of Anti-Bullying campaigns, showing how these campaigns could easily make a larger impact with a few easy and inexpensive changes.        

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Redbird has developed multi-year and province-wide awareness campaigns, including our recent ‘Signs of Stroke’ campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For that campaign, we helped to raise $250,000 from pharmaceutical sponsors to fund the media buy, and created TV and radio spots, print collateral, and online advertising.

For BC Hydro we changed behaviour, by helping to reduce energy consumption at eight post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. 

We’ve worked with dairies, grocery stores, cider makers, and bakers. We’ve branded a manufacturer of customized amino acid supplements, and helped a tourism advisory council diversify their local economy. We’ve helped kids get adopted, and the elderly prepare to die.

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