10 best #YYJ (Victoria) green businesses

green businesses in Victoria BC

By James Mulvey

Green businesses in Victoria BC are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. So we thought that we’d help promote them a bit by writing a post about what we think are some of the best local green companies. 

Organic baby toys, sustainably harvested seafood, daily green deals, home energy audits--Victoria’s green businesses are creating a wide range of cool products. Who knows? You might even discover a new favourite sustainable product or green service that’s been hiding right in your own Island backyard.

A brief word about our selection criteria. Our agency, Redbird Communications, is about using marketing to make the world a healthier, happier place. So naturally, we want to support innovative businesses that are both making a profit and creating a sustainable economy. 

Our selection criteria was simple: (1) the green business had to actually offer innovative green products--not just green-washed logos or empty corporate slogans (2) they had to be community builders, helping to change behaviour and support Victoria’s green economy at large.

Here, in no particular order, is our list of the 10 best #YYJ (Victoria) Green Businesses to follow, promote, and support.

And no, they didn’t pay us to write this.

#1 Small Feet Inc. (@smallfeetinc)

Who does David Suzuki talk to when he wants to ensure he’s being as eco-friendly as possible? None other than Victoria’s own eco-consulting agency, Small Feet Inc. Last year, we did a little PR work for Small Feet and were really impressed with their mission and credentials. Their team includes Emily Jubenvill, once named ‘the greenest person in Canada’ by Simon Fraser University, and they have helped office-based businesses, retail organizations, restaurants, and special event clients understand, improve, and communicate their environmental performance. To find out more about Small Feet visit their website.

#2 NutriStart (@NutristartCo)

Most companies don’t really get content marketing or Twitter. They just blast marketing messages. Not NutriStart. This Victoria-based supplement company uses social media to spread a wealth of great health info--from tips about which blood types shouldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach to purple foods that promote anti-aging to how to make sure your protein sources give you a steady supply of anti-acids. Many of these tips and insights are covered in-depth on their company’s blog. You can also download a free chapter of their book Health Secrets for the 21st Century.

#3 City Green

These guys have been helping urban and rural homes become more energy efficient for over seven years. They offer home energy assessments and can help you apply for homeowner grants. From thermal imaging to community education, City Green can help you save money and energy in your home. City Green is respected locally and is making sustainability start with the biggest and often ignored energy consumer: your house. You can read more at City Green's website.

#4 Organic Ocean (@OrganicOcean)

With the world’s ocean’s facing an extinction-level event, we need more people like Organic Ocean. This small company offers sustainably harvested seafood from the West Coast. A favorite among local chefs--if you love seafood and want to protect our West Coast waters, then Ocean Organic is a great company to buy your seafood from. Follow them on Twitter for deals, tips, and where to buy their latest ocean catch. 

#5 Ethical Bean (@EthicalBean)

Alright, we let a Vancouver one slip in. But Ethical Bean is coffee on a mission. Ethical Bean is not only a green business; they also really get social media. If you follow this Vancouver-based company, you’ll get blog updates from Ethical Bean staff in Guatemala, info about the latest product demos, expresso tips and info, and the ability to download their iPhone app that tracks your coffee from farm to cup.  Ethical Bean is a very cool company and we are pretty lucky to have an innovative coffee brand so close to the Island. It's a great brand for some of our local Victoria coffee bean brands to learn from. 

#6 TheChange.com (@engagethechange)

This website is a great online resource for Victoria green businesses to network and promote themselves. Their website and Twitter account (@engagethechange) will help you find articles, news, jobs, meet-ups, groups, community meetings, and info on other local companies and organizations that are committed to sustainability. If you are a green business in Victoria, definitely check this one out as you’ll be able to connect with similar businesses in your industry.

#7 Ethical Deal (@Ethicaldeal)

You’ve probably heard of Ethical Deal? But just in case, Ethical Deal is a social buying service (like Groupon) that offers daily deals from local green companies. It’s group buying power. . .used to fuel and reward those companies making the green economy work for people and the planet.

#8 Climate Smart (@Climatesmart)

OK, Climate Smart isn’t from Victoria--they are from Vancouver. But they have a pretty impressive record in helping small and medium-sized business save money by reducing their emissions. You can follow Climate Smart for tips and insights about how to calculate and then reduce GHG emissions in your business. Visit them online here.

#9 Dress Me Up Organic (@teethingbonbon)

Green your baby? Yep. This Victoria business is committed to bringing up the next generation in soft organic cottons, lamb’s wool from a small farm in Alberta, and other naturally inspired baby toys and clothes. They’ve won awards for their green baby clothes and toys and have been featured in local and national press. Follow them on Twitter at @teethingbonbon. You can view their beautiful baby products at their online store. 

#10 The Good Planet (@thegoodplanetco)

Organic bedding, sustainable stationery, hand-powered self-sustaining electronics, and even organic catnip--this local store has just about every type of eco-product you can think of. But these guys are more than just a green store. They are eco-evangelists, helping to raise awareness and change our consumer habits with an excellent newsletter, tweets, videos, and other community-centered resources. Follow them at @thegoodplanetco.

Bonus Green Businesses in Victoria BC 

Synergy Enterprises 

Synergy Enterprises is a sustainability project management company in Victoria BC. They have helped many local Victoria clients go green including Habit Coffee, Canoe, Heritage Office Furnishings, Oughtred Coffee & Tea, the Fernwood Inn, and the Condo Group. You can read more about their sustainability assessments here.

Got a favorite Victoria green business we missed? Send us a tweet (@RedbirdComms) or email and we will add it to the list.  


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