Behaviour Change Workshop

Redbird’s Behaviour Change Workshop starts with an introduction to social marketing and an outline of recent research on sustainable behaviour change. Then participants share their insights: identifying the objectives and desired outcomes of their program, and delving into the benefits of the desired behaviour, and the barriers that would prevent adoption of that behaviour. You'll think of ways to enhance the benefits and reduce the barriers, and then discuss ways to communicate those changes to their target audiences.

With this as a starting point, we'll draft an action plan, including tactics like pledges, prompts, norms, incentives, starting small, finding a common enemy, rituals, and gamification. We'll develop creative ideas and executions, and we'll assign timelines and budget to the execution of the plan. Ideally there's a pilot project, with feedback and results incorporated into the final launch.

The resulting plan can be executed by your internal stakeholders, or by Redbird on your behalf.

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