Brand Workshop

The first priority for any organization or marketing campaign is getting internal stakeholders working as a team and moving in the same direction. Redbird’s brand workshop is a time-friendly and cost-effective way to do this.

Using a combination of instruction, discussion and fun creative exercises, our brand workshops walk participants through the essentials of building a brand and launching a campaign. The agenda includes i) an introduction to brands and branding, ii) brand association exercise, iii) overview of the branding process, iv) a look at your products and services, v) outline of brand attributes and personality, vi) identification of target audiences, vii) 'Pick a Picture' creative exercise, viii) crafting the brand promise or campaign tag line, ix) creative brainstorm session.

The brand promise that emerges from the workshop forms the foundation of all future communications: the look and feel of the graphics, the essential key messaging, and the creative strategies and executions.

Participants in recent workshops have used words such as 'informative', 'exciting', 'engaging' and 'fun' to describe the experience. Another client said, "We all found the workshop very valuable. It led us to think in new, structured ways and will, I’m certain, continue to benefit our own processes."

Brand Workshops are available in a half-day format for up to eight participants. Larger groups typically require more time, to allow every voice to be heard.

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