Our Services

Brand Workshop

The workshop uses a combination of instruction, guided brainstorming, and fun creative exercises. It includes a brand association test; a discussion of products and services, brand gaps and weaknesses, and brand personality; analysis of target audiences; and a tactical planning session.

Touchpoint Audit

Redbird will send undercover scouts or ‘mystery shoppers’ to shop for, purchase, and use your products or services, and then evaluate what works, what doesn’t, and where the gaps and opportunities are in the customer experience. Typically, this would include an analysis of your physical environment, telephone hold messages, email correspondence, packaging and delivery, forms, staff interactions, your website, and other marketing communications, as well as the actual product or service experience. The audit is an objective way to understand the power – and sometimes the pain – of interacting with your company.

Primary Research

Redbird will create a detailed survey and administer it online, in person, or by telephone, to acquire marketing intelligence from your clients and determine how best to serve their current and future needs. This may include focus groups, product trials or taste tests.

Secondary Research

We’ll do a scan of online resources and interview related stakeholders in other jurisdictions to identify best practices.


Sometimes the name or logo of your organization is not working as hard as it could for you. We’ll gather input from stakeholders, develop concepts, and create an assessment tool to help you choose your new brand identity. We’ll apply the identity to stationery, signage, packaging, and collateral material, and establish graphic standards for other uses. We’ll also help you launch your new brand identity with earned and social media.

Action Plan

Working with the findings from the workshop, the audit, and the research, Redbird will identify the key issues that must be resolved in your marketing. We’ll establish ambitious but achievable objectives, and outline strategies and tactics to reach your target audiences. With your input we’ll allocate budgets and set timelines, and identify metrics to evaluate the campaign.

Awareness Campaign

If your primary challenge is to raise awareness, Redbird will develop creative concepts and executions for an awareness campaign using owned media, earned media, social media, and paid media. At Redbird, we use our powers for good -- to come up with snappy slogans, provocative print ads, laugh-out-loud radio, compelling TV and video, and outrageous outdoor executions.

Behaviour Change Campaign

If you’re trying to change behaviour, Redbird will facilitate a workshop with your target audiences to identify benefits and barriers, and work with them to develop creative concepts and executions for a social marketing campaign using prompts,norms, rituals, competition, incentives, feedback, and fun.

Online Marketing

Redbird develops and executes search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, and conversion and monetization strategies for our clients. With our partner agency, Deck Fifty Design, we also offer everything from simple blogs to comprehensive e-commerce websites, using Drupal, an open-source content management system.

*NEW* Marketing Automation

Managing lists of contacts, lead tracking, drip campaigns, anonymous web traffic identification, CRM integration. All these things are great for lead conversion and sales productivity, but who has the time? Redbird now offers efficient and cost-effective marketing automation system set-up and management for your sales or volunteer and donor management teams. Request a demo today!

Pitch Package

Sometimes you can’t do what you need to do on the budget that’s available. Redbird can put together a professional presentation and even help you pitch it to your major donors or potential sponsors.

Ongoing Support

Sometimes a client has in-house creative staff, in which case Redbird supplies the communications tools (perhaps a new brand identity and a website), instructions on how to use them (in a Graphic Standards manual, or a Drupal training session), and on-call consultation.