Walking the Talk

At Redbird we know it's important to 'walk the talk'. That means we take action on a personal and professional level to be healthy people working in a healthy place.

We’ve got Redbirds who walk, bike, and run to work. We’ve done in-office circuit training for months at a time, and these days a game of hackey sack will frequently break out during traffic meetings. For one-on-one meetings, we’ll head up the road and walk around the park. For Earth Week we pledge five new behaviours, and then try to make them stick. (At least two clotheslines went up this year, and we took turns bringing in a local, low-energy meal for the group). We respect our employees' mental health too, flexing schedules when possible, to accommodate personal and family needs.

Our office is calm, light, and bright, with big openable windows in a fresh-air location. We are members of BC Hydro's Team PowerSmart, and we monitor energy use, print double-sided when possible, and use compost, recycle, and garbage bins in our staff kitchen. Our energy conservation plan includes incentives for things like walking or cycling to work, and turning off computer monitors when not in use.